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The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Written by William Gleason

Directed by Darrell Hill & Leslie Eisner

Audition Dates: May 6th and May 7th at 7:00 pm
Rehearsals begin: May 21st

Please bring a headshot and resume.
Sides will be provided.

Performance dates are: July 13,14,15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29

The world’s most incompetent detective, Jacques Clouseau, is at it again. Former Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus, just released from a mental hospital, intends to kill Clouseau. Failing that, Dreyfus captures a scientist, and orders him to create a Doomsday Machine that threatens the world with annihilation unless they hand over Clouseau. Meanwhile, Clouseau intends to solve the case of the vanished scientist, surviving assassination attempts, dodging lovers and leaving a string of bodies and mayhem behind him.


Most actors will be assigned double/triple roles

Clouseau -
Chief Inspector of the Surete

Francois -
Clouseau’s driver

Cato -
Clouseau’s butler

Dreyfus -
Clouseau’s arch enemy, for Chief Inspector

Dr. Duval -
Dreyfus’ psychiatrist

Drummond -
Inspector, Scotland Yard

McLaren -
Inspector, Scotland Yard

Dr. Fassbender -
Inventor of the Doomsday Machine

Margot -
Dr. Fassbender’s daughter

Olga -
Russian agent, in love with Clouseau

Jarvis -
Dr. Fassbender’s butler

Mrs. Japonica -
Dr. Fassbender’s maid

Mrs. Leverlilly -
Dr. Fassbender’s housekeeper

Mrs. Bullock -
Dr. Fassbender’s cook

Mr. Shork -
Dr. Fassbender’s gardener

Mrs. Stutterstutt -
Dr. Fassbender’s beekeeper

Tournier -
A bank robber

Hindu Harry -
Dreyfus’ gangster cohort

Cairo Fred -
Dreyfus’ henchman

Mafia-Type -
Dreyfus’ henchman/assassin

Orderlies -
At the same asylum

Waitress -
Female assassin

Assassins -
Italian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Swede, Nigerian, Arabian

Chuck -
Head waiter at the Mirage Club

Emcee -
At the Mirage Club

Couples -
Spectators at the Mirage Club

French lady & man -
Lovers in restaurant

Waiter -
In same restaurant

Technician -
In Dreyfus’ television studio

Messenger -
Unfortunate bearer of news for Clouseau

Desk Clerks -
German, one male, one ancient female

German girl -
Spy with poisoned pretzel

Pink Panther

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